Athena Donair Distributors 

 " 28 Herbs & Spices in every bite for that just right taste!  "

Raw Donair Cones

88801 (Mini Donair Cone Halal 2x6 Kg)                                 

88802 (Large Donair Cone Regular 2x9 Kg)                         

88833 (Large Donair Cone Halal - Original 2x9 Kg)            

88834 (Large Donair Cone Regular - Original 2x9 Kg)         

88844 (Large Donair Cone Halal 2x9 Kg)                              

Cooked Donair Loaves

88804 (Cooked Unsliced Donair Loaves 4x5 KG)                  

88805 (Cooked Sliced Donair Loaves 4x4 KG)                      

88805P (Cooked Sliced Donair Loaves-Pizza 4x4 KG)        

88855 (Cooked Sliced Halal Donair Loaves 16x1 KG)          

88874 (Athena Donair Sweet Sauce 1x4 L Jug)                           

88877 (Athena Donair Sweet Sauce 12x450 mL Bottle)            
88877B (Athena Donair Sweet Sauce 1x450 mL Bottle)           

88888 (Athena Donair Broiler Machine)                                      






Ingredients: Athena Product

Beef, Toasted wheat crumbs, spices, salt, monosodium glutamate, modified cornstarch, sodium phosphate. May contain water. * This product contains wheat & dairy.



Ingredients: Athena New Formula Product

Beef, water, toasted wheat crumb, spices, soy protein, salt, food starch, monosodium glutamate, flavour, modified starch, rice flour, sodium phosphate, canola oil (mfg. aid). May contain water. * This product contains wheat, dairy, and soy.